Optical Fiber

SIGNAMAX Fiber Solutions brings advance optical fiber connectors, adapters, customizable enclosures and accessories to the vastly diverse high speed data transmission applications. Whether you are upgrading or implementing a new network, SIGNAMAX delivers systems accommodating multiple terminations. pre-terminated short-cuts, and innovative technology to meet today’s demands while adapting for future expansion.


Rack-Mount Optical Fiber Enclosures


LGX HD2-Series Fiber Optic Enclosures 

Premium High-Density Rack-Mount Optical Fiber Enclosures

18- to 72-Fiber Premium Rack-Mount Optical Fiber Enclosure
36- to 144-Fiber Premium Rack-Mount Optical Fiber Enclosure
54- to 216-Fiber Premium Rack-Mount Optical Fiber Enclosure
72- to 288-Fiber Premium Rack-Mount Optical Fiber Enclosure

Rack Mount Low-Profile Slide-Out Optical Fiber Enclosures

12- to 48-Fiber Low-Profile Optical Fiber Enclosure
18- to 72-Fiber Low-Profile Optical Fiber Enclosure


Optical Fiber Distribution

NEW Multimedia Distribution Box
24- to 96-Fiber Optical Fiber Distribution Enclosure
72- to 288-Fiber Optical Fiber Distribution Enclosure


Optical Fiber Splice Enclosures

96-Fiber Splice Tray Enclosure
192-Fiber Splice Tray Enclosure
NEW Optical Fiber Splice Box


Pre-Configured Optical Fiber Enclosures 

Rack-Mount Optical Fiber Enclosures


Rack-Mount Modular Optical Fiber Panels

Modular Optical Fiber Panels
High-Density Modular Optical Fiber Panel


Optical Fiber Panels

High-Density Optical Fiber Panels
High-Density 1-RMS Optical Fiber Panels
Standard-Density Optical Fiber Panels


Wall-Mount Optical Fiber Enclosures

Wall-Mount Optical Fiber Enclosures with Access Door
Wall-Mount Optical Fiber Enclosures with Security Access Door
Wall-Mount Optical Fiber Enclosures (Cam Lock/Latch)


Splice Trays

Splice Trays for Rack-Mount Enclosures
Fiber Optic Fusion Splice Sleeves


Adapter Plates

Optical Fiber Adapter Plates
Keystone Adapter Plate


Adapters and Connectors

Optical Fiber Adapters
Premium Pre-Polished Optical Fiber Connectors
Field-Installable Pre-Polished Optical Fiber Connectors


Patch Cords and Pigtails

Multimode 62.5-µm (OM1) Optical Fiber Patch Cords
Multimode 50-µm (OM2) Optical Fiber Patch Cords
10G LO Multimode 50-µm (OM3) Optical Fiber Patch Cords
Singlemode 9-µm (OS1) Optical Fiber Patch Cords
Premium Optical Fiber Pigtails
Optical Fiber Trunk Cables


Plug-and-Play Pre-Terminated Optical Fiber System

AWARD WINNING Pre-Terminated Optical Fiber Cassette
MTP® Optical Fiber Assemblies
MTP® Fan-Out Assemblies


Tools, Instruments, & Accessories

Fiber Optic Termination Tool Kit
High Precision Fiber Optic Cleavers
Fiber Optic Thermal Buffer Stripper
Fiber Optic Visual Fault Locator (Pocket-Pen Style)
Fiber Optic Visual Fault Locator (Field Heavy-Duty)
LC-Style Fiber Optic Connector Extraction Tool
Fiber Optic Loopback Modules