Support Infrastructure

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Signamax racks and accessories are designed for optimum equipment location, configuration and cable management in the wiring room.

Equipment Racks

Equipment Racks
Vertical Cable Management for Equipment Racks
Top-of-Rack Panel Enclosures

Power Supply Solutions

Rack-Mount Power Taps

Rack Accessories

Rack Mount Shelves
Blank Filler Panels
NEW Award Winning Zero-U Identification Panel

Cable Management

NEW Rack-Mount Cable Management
Award Winning Waterfall Cable Management Bars
Panel-Mount Cable Management Bars & Brackets

Wall-Mount Equipment Cabinets

Wall-Mount Equipment Cabinets

Wall-Mount Brackets

NEW  Extendable Hinged Wall-Mount Brackets
Hinged Wall-Mount Brackets

Mounting Hardware

Velcro Cable Management Ties