Break-out MTP® Fiber Optic Trunks



  • 100% factory tested for insertion and return loss
  • Made in the USA with Corning® Clear Curve™ Bend Insensitive fiber glass
  • Designed with USconec MTP Elite®, SENKO LC , SC , or CS® connectors
  • CORE8 & CORE12 configurations specifically designed for 40/100 GbE or 16/32 Gb fiber channel applications
  • Up to 144 Fibers with 12 or 24 sublets with multiple break options including staggered trunks
  • Available for the SIGNAMAX 5-day Fiber Program
  • Insertion loss:

MTP Low Loss: Typical 0.10 dB, Max 0.35 dB
LC Low Loss: Typical 0.07 dB, Max 0.15 dB




OS2 (9/125 μm):
Max. Attenuation [dB/km] 0.5/0.4
OM3 (50/125 μm):
Max. Attenuation [dB/km] 3.5/1.5; Bandwidth [] 2,000 @850nm
Max. Attenuation [dB/km] 3.0/1.0; Bandwidth [] 4,700 @850nm
Max. Attenuation [dB/km] 2.5/0.8; Bandwidth [] 3,500 @500nm
MTP Connector
1Return loss:
Elite® MM MT Ferrule: > 20 dB
Std MM MT Ferrule: > 20 dB
Elite® SM MT Ferrule: > 60 dB (8º Angle Polish)
Std SM MT Ferrule: > 60 dB (8º Angle Polish)
1Insertion loss:
Elite® MM MT Ferrule: 0.10 dB Typical, 0.35 dB Max
Std MM MT Ferrule: 0.20 dB Typical, 0.60 dB Max
Elite® SM MT Ferrule: 0.10 dB Typical, 0.35 dB Max
Std SM MT Ferrule: 0.25 dB Typical, 0.75 dB Max
1. For 48- & 72-fiber MM MTs or 24-fiber SM MTs, performance assumes physical contact on all fibers.
LC/SC Connectors
Return loss:
UPC: ≤ -50 dB
APC: ≤ -60 dB
Insertion loss:
SM/UPC Low Loss: 0.05 dB Typical, 0.15 dB Max
SM/APC Low Loss: 0.07 dB Typical, 0.15 dB Max
SM/UPC Standard: LC: 0.08 dB Typical, 0.20 dB Max; SC: 0.12 dB Typical, 0.30 dB Max
SM/APC Standard: 0.10 dB Typical, 0.25 dB Max
MM/UPC Low Loss: 0.10 dB Typical, 0.20 dB Max
MM/UPC Standard: LC:0.12 dB Typical, 0.30 dB Max; SC: 0.15 dB Typical, 0.30 dB Max


Connector Ferrule: Ceramic
End-Face Radius of Curvature: 10 mm (0.39 in) < R < 30 mm (1.18 in)
Apex Offset: < 50 μm


Outer Jacket: Flame Retardant PVC
Strength Member: Aramid Yarn
Tight Buffer: Flame Retardant PVC


Operating Temperature: 32 to 158°F (0 to 70°C)
Storage Temperature: -40 to 158°F (-40 to 70°C)
Operating RH: 95% (non-condensing)


Tested per: ANSI/EIA-455-171 Method D3 & Method D1, IEC 61280-4-1
ANSI/TIA-568-C.3, ISO/IEC 11801 2nd Ed., IEC 61755-3-31/GRADE B, CENELEC EN 50173, UL94V-0, Flame Rating: NFPA262 (Plenum), UL1666 (Riser), UL1658 (FT4)


5-year Limited Component
10-year Signamax Base Trunk
15-year Signamax Extended Component
25-year Signamax Cabling System



Download Specifications (PDF 548Kb) Revised 10.2018



006   S: Standard   T1: 12 MTP Female   A1: LC Simplex (900μm)   T: TIA Standard   N: None
008   L: Low Loss   T2: 12 MTP Male   A2: LC/APC Simplex (900μm)   B: Blue   L: Left
012       T3: 12 MTP Female/APC   A3: SC Simplex (900μm)   O: Orange   R: Right
016   [D]
  T4: 12 MTP Male/APC   A4: SC/APC Simplex (900μm)   G: Green    
024   3: OM3   T5: 24 MTP Female   B1: LC Duplex(2mm)   W: Brown   [LLL]
032   4: OM4   T6: 24 MTP Male   B2: LC/APC Duplex (2mm)   R: Red   xxx
048   5: OM5   T7: 24 MTP Female/APC   B3: SC Duplex(2mm)   K: Black    
072   9: OS2   T8: 24 MTP Male/APC   B4: SC/APCDuplex(2mm)   Y: Yellow   [M]
096       T9: 8 MTP Female   B5: CS Duplex(2mm)   V: Violet   S: Standard
144   [E]
  T0: 8 MTP Male   B6: CS/APC Duplex (2mm)       E: 5-Day
    R: OFNR   U1: 16 MTP Female       [JJ]
    P: OFNP   U2: 16 MTP Male       xx    
    L: LSZH   U3: 16 MTP Female/APC            
        U4: 16 MTP Male/APC            



B012S3PT1A1T16N050E – 12 fiber OM3 assembly with a MTP to LC Connector 16” break; configured to be 50 feet in length and delivered in 5 days.

1. Additional jacket materials & connectors available by request, contact customer service.
2. Pulling eye included on all assemblies over 50 ft in length. Lengths over 100 ft are packaged on reels.
3.Standard breakout lengths are: 24 in for fiber counts; 36 and less / 34 in for fiber counts; 48 and higher.
*Need more customization, contact tech support for a consult.

MTP® is a registered trademark of US Conec, Ltd.