Fiber Solutions

SIGNAMAX Fiber Solutions brings advanced fiber optical connectors, adapters, customizable enclosures, low loss pre-terminated trunks, and accessories to the vastly diverse high-speed data transmission applications.


SIGNAMAX 5-Day Fiber Program – Solutions delivered in 5-days

The 5-Day Fiber Program delivers pre-terminated fiber optic connectivity to your door in 5-Days and offers low loss performance to increase bandwidth capacity and reduce deployment times for mission critical or data center environments. Read More...

Customize any of the solutions to fit your application from fiber count, performance, fiber type, connectors, color, length, and more.

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  • Orders received before 1 PM EST will be processed that day
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For further requirements & exceptions review the 5-Day Program Qualifications.


Rack-Mount Enclosures

  • LGX footprint for enterprise cabling environments
  • Universal adapter panels for customized fiber deployments
  • Transparent plastic front & solid rear panel are hinged for easy access
  • Rear strain relief and internal cable spools for cable management
  • Sliding tray with built-in latch-lock for effortless installation



Modular Panels

  • Select between traditional LGX foot print for 3 or 6 slot design or the high-density 4 slot design.
  • Compatible with SIGNAMAX Zero-U Cable Management accessories offering front and rear strain relief
  • Integrated for optional cable management accessories including a fiber management tray
  • Meets EIA/ECA-310-E mounting standards for 19 inches
  • High-density 4 slot design accommodates 96 LC or 48 SC fibers



Pre-Terminated Panels & Cassettes

  • Convenient approach to quick deployment of fiber cabling projects
  • Termination density: 24 to 48 ports (24 to 96 fibers) per 1-RMS
  • Quick and easy insertion and removal of fiber cassettes
  • Available with SC or LC in OM1 to OM4 and singlemode fiber types
  • Pre-terminated cassettes with MPO or 12-fiber ISP distribution cable
  • 100% factory-tested for insertion and return loss
  • Transmission performance meets or exceeds TIA-568-C.3 specifications



Fiber Optic Patch Cords

  • Designed for multiple customizations to fit fiber types, connectors, and length
  • Corning® Clear Curve™ Bend Insensitive OM3, OM4, OM5 and OS2 fiber optics
  • USConec MTP Elite® Low Loss Connectors for parallel optics
  • SENKO Low Loss LC, HD LC’s and the new CS® connectors
  • SENKO CS® connectors designed for QSFP-DD & OSFP for the 200/400GbE standards
  • 100% factory tested and documented