End-of-Life Notification

Signamax is committed to communicating milestones for our products that are planned for End of Life (EOL).  During the transition of such products our team is at your disposal for availability of current stock, technical support, and suggested replacements.

The final date to order products listed for EOL is listed below but will depend on the availability of stock thus causing the End-of-Sale (EOS) date to change. Support of Signamax EOL products will typically continue for five years from the EOS date to ensure customers are accommodated.

To check if a Signamax product has reached its EOL that may not be listed below, you can either look through the previous EOL announcements found below the table or you can enter the part number in the Search field above. Signamax products that have reached EOL will be marked Discontinued on their individual product page with a corresponding replacement if applicable. If no replacement is listed, please contact Technical Support for further assistance.


Media Converters

Part Number End of Sale Announcement End of Sale Date End of Support Recommended Replacement Product
065-1050ASC 6-July-21 31-July-21 31-July-26 065-1050GSFP + AS10010
065-1610OAM 23-Jun-20 31-July-20 31-July-25 065-1196A
065-1100NS 13-Mar-20 31-July-20 31-July-25 065-1100
065-1110NS 13-Mar-20 31-July-20 31-July-25 065-1110
065-1120NS 13-Mar-20 31-July-20 31-July-25 065-1120
065-1195SFP 13-Mar-20 31-July-20 31-July-25 065-1196SFPDR
065-1696SFPDR 13-Mar-20 31-July-20 31-July-25 065-1196SFPDR
065-11DINMT 13-Mar-20 31-July-20 31-July-25 AM10010
065-1052SC 7-Dec-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 Call Tech Support
065-1120LFS 7-Dec-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 065-1120
065-1130 7-Dec-17 31-Jul-18 31-Jul-23 065-1132
065-1130ED 7-Dec-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SC10120 + Equivalent SFP Modules
065-1132ED 7-Dec-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SC10120 + Equivalent SFP Modules
065-1197ED 7-Dec-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 065-1195SFP + Equivalent SFP Module
065-1172 7-Dec-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 065-1110
065-1120XLD 7-Dec-17 31-Jul-18 31-Jul-23 065-1196SFPDR + Equivalent SFP Module

Ethernet Switches


Part Number End of Sale Announcement End of Sale Date End of Support Recommended Replacement Product
SC10030 6-Apr-22 30-Apr-22 30-Apr-27 SC10031
SC10120 6-Sept-21 30-Sept-21 30-Sept-26 SC10121
SC10090 6-July-21 31-July-21 31-July-26 SC10091
065-7880 6-July-21 31-July-21 31-July-26 SC30040
AP50010 23-Apr-20 30-Apr-20 30-Apr-25 SC31020
AP50020 23-Apr-20 30-Apr-20 30-Apr-25 SC31020
065-7861POE-FP 30-Sep-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SC30020
065-7861 30-Sep-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SC30040
065-7861POE 30-Sep-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SC30030
065-7940D-WS 30-Sep-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SC30040
065-7341GF 30-Sep-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SC10040
065-7331AGPOEP 30-Sep-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SC10050
065-7309POEP-FP 30-Sep-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SC10090 or SC10060
065-7309POEP 30-Sep-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SC10090 or SC10060
065-7310GSFP 30-Sep-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SC10120
065-7012G 30-Sep-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SC10100
065-7306 30-Sep-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SC10110
065-POEINJ-GA 30-Sep-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SC10130
065-77344DMR 7-Dec-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SC30040
065-7734FSFPR 7-Dec-17 31-Jul-18 31-Jul-23 065-7890FSFPDP
065-73051FXSCPOE 7-Dec-17 31-Jul-18 31-Jul-23 SC10110 + 065-1110

Industrial Ethernet

Part Number End of Sale Announcement End of Sale Date End of Support Recommended Replacement Product
MI10030 22-July-22 31-Oct-22 31-July-27 MI10031
MI10040 22-July-22 31-Oct-22 31-July-27 MI10041
MI10050 22-July-22 31-Oct-22 31-July-27 MI10051
MI10060 22-July-22 31-Oct-22 31-July-27 MI10061
SI30020 13-Mar-21 31-Mar-21 31-Mar-26 SI30021
SI10010 24-Jun-19 31-Jul-19 31-Jul-24 SI10011
SI10020 24-Jun-19 31-Jul-19 31-Jul-24 SI10021
SI10030 24-Jun-19 31-Jul-19 31-Jul-24 SI10031
SI10040 24-Jun-19 31-Jul-19 31-Jul-24 SI10041
DC-1824-30W 30-Jun-18 31-Dec-18 31-Dec-23 AP10010
DC-1824-120W 30-Jun-18 31-Dec-18 31-Dec-23 AP10010
DC-1848-75W 30-Jun-18 31-Dec-18 31-Dec-23 AP30010
DC-1848-120W 30-Jun-18 31-Dec-18 31-Dec-23 AP30010
DC-1848-240W 30-Jun-18 31-Dec-18 31-Dec-23 AP30020
DC-1848-480W 30-Jun-18 31-Dec-18 31-Dec-23 AP30020
065-18TR 28-Feb-18 31-Aug-18 31-Aug-23 AM30130
065-7714HSFPTB 28-Feb-18 31-May-18 31-May-23 SI30030
065-7912HTB 28-Feb-18 31-May-18 31-May-23 SI30010
065-7910HPOEP 28-Feb-18 31-May-18 31-May-23 SI30040
065-7909HPOEP 28-Feb-18 31-May-18 31-May-23 SI30040
065-1822GPP 28-Feb-18 31-May-18 31-May-23 MI10010
065-1800GSFPZ 28-Feb-18 31-May-18 31-May-23 MI10010
065-1820ATB 28-Feb-18 31-May-18 31-May-23 MI10060
065-1810ATB 28-Feb-18 31-May-18 31-May-23 MI10050
065-1800ATB 28-Feb-18 31-May-18 31-May-23 MI10050
065-7706HPOEP 28-Nov-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SI30040
065-7710HPOEP 28-Nov-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SI30040
065-7712HPOEP 28-Nov-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SI30040
065-7705HPOEP 28-Nov-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SI30040
065-7710H6POEP 28-Nov-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SI30040
065-7405GTB 7-Dec-17 31-Jul-18 31-Jul-23 SI10040
065-7405G1SXTB 7-Dec-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SI10040
065-7405AC1FXSCTB 7-Dec-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SI10040+ Equivalent SFP Module
065-7405AC1FXSMTB 7-Dec-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SI10040+ Equivalent SFP Module
065-1895GSFPZ 7-Dec-17 31-Jul-18 31-Jul-23 MI10010
065-1895TB 7-Dec-17 31-Jul-18 31-Jul-23 MI10020+ Equivalent SFP Module
065-1897TB 7-Dec-17 31-Jul-18 31-Jul-23 MI10020Equivalent SFP Module
065-7404GATB 7-Dec-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SI10040
065-7408GATB 7-Dec-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 SI10020
065-7403HTB 7-Dec-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 MI10050

SFP Interface Modules

Part Number End of Sale Announcement End of Sale Date End of Support Recommended Replacement Product
065-791000TMG 7-Dec-17 31-Mar-18 31-Mar-23 065-791000TTXMG


Signamax will, repair or exchange any product that has reached its end-of-life and has failed in service during the stated warranty period. Signamax reserves the right to repair or exchange these products with remanufactured, refurbished, used parts and components, or replace products with one in the current product line that provides similar functionality at no charge to you. To process such a request please visit the Product Warranty page. For further information contact Technical Support.

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Previous EOL Notifications


Part Number End of Sale Announcement End of Sale Date End of Support Recommanded Replacement Product
065-1190 27-Sep-2010 29-Mar-2011 29-Mar-2016 NONE
065-1190I 27-Sep-2010 29-Mar-2011 29-Mar-2016 NONE
065-1190HS 27-Sep-2010 29-Mar-2011 29-Mar-2016 NONE
065-1190HSI 27-Sep-2010 29-Mar-2011 29-Mar-2016 NONE
065-1096RED 30-Sep-2010 29-Mar-2011 29-Mar-2016 NONE