Signamax Certified Contractor Rewards Program

Earn Dollars & Prizes With Signamax, Your Solutions Experts


How to join the Program:

To join our Certified Contractor Rewards Program, you must first be a Certified Partner with Signamax.  Follow the link to become a Certified Partner.

If you are already one of our Certified Partners, then you must register to be a part of the Program by following the link below.

How to earn Points:

You can earn points on eligible Signamax purchases by submitting your distributor invoices quarterly. Visit Here and fill out the required information to submit your invoices.

You will receive one point for every $100 spent on Signamax products thru your preferred distributor(s).

Your Signamax points are tallied at the end of each quarter and applied to a gift card as dollars to spend how you wish.

How to earn a Prize:

Each participant is eligible to earn one of the yearend giveaways.

Every Signamax point earned throughout the year will give a participant an entry for the yearend giveaways.

You will need to submit year-end sales-out report(s) to ensure the proper entries into the pool by the end of January 2023. Here

Prizes will be awarded and distributed in February 2023 to all winners.

Top 3 Producer Bonus:

The top three participants, with the most points, will automatically win one of the big end of the year prizes.

Top three participants will need to submit year-end sales-out report(s) via the page by the end of January 2023. Here

Additional Information:

You must submit all invoices online by the 15th of the following month in the new quarter. (April 15th, July 15th, October 15th, January 15th)

You cannot exchange your Signamax points for credit on any outstanding invoices.  You cannot sell or transfer your Signamax points to anyone.

Gift cards earned will be issued to the person whose name was on the registration for the rewards program.


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