Data Center Solutions – Delivering Hyperscale Connectivity


As data continues to grow and the 1’s and 0’s evolve into a revenue stream the need for next generation speeds is greater than ever. The SIGNAMAX XCORE™ solution set is one of the industry’s first purpose built data center solutions utilizing pre-terminated copper and fiber optic connectivity, identification solutions with passive port replication, and unique designs to optimize the connectivity of your data center. Read More...

XCORE™ is comprised of specifically engineered passive components with unique and proprietary designs to help an organization maximize port density, increase performance across link by reducing loss budgets, while offering a universal footprint with common components for all fabrics of today’s data center. Whether you are trying to utilize parallel optical links to optimize the network for migration paths to 40/100/200 GB Ethernet standards or channel optical links to produce higher throughput and capacity for the 16/32/64 GB fiber channel standards, XCORE™ offers solutions to maximize the performance of your connectivity to meet the Nano second speeds of today’s technology.


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