Optical Fiber Solutions

Signamax offers one of the broadest arrays of solutions for Premises Optical Fiber cabling system designs. From the work area to the data center, Signamax has the solution to meet your needs.  Read More...

Optical Fiber products include rack-mount distribution enclosures designed to support up to 288-fibers and feature a slide-out tray for easy access. Our wall-mount enclosures support up to 96 fibers and feature front access hinged doors; two versions are equipped with an additional lockable security door. A full range of optical fiber adapter plates compatible with all Signamax wall- and rack-mount enclosures is available with fiber counts up to 24 per adapter plate.

Signamax offers a wide range of optical fiber patch cords including 62.5- and 50-µm multimode, singlemode, and 50-µm laser-optimized (LO) multimode supporting 10-Gigabit applications. All cords are 100% factory tested for insertion and return loss to ensure performance per ANSI/TIA-568-C.3 specifications.

Pre-Terminated Optical Fiber System is ideal for data center applications and offers superior performance, high density, and reduced installation time.

Whether your network is copper-based, or copper/fiber-based, Signamax can work with you to develop an integrated solution from entrance facility to work area, with products designed for each cable type, yet designed
to work as a system, a capability few suppliers can offer.


Rack-Mount Enclosures

  • Termination density ranges between 18 and 288 fiber connections
  • Modular design with up to 12 interchangeable adapter plates
  • Enclosures accept all pre-terminated fiber cassettes
  • Slide-out tray with a latchlock, fiber slack, and stackable splice trays
  • Front and rear hinged access panels
  • Transparent front panel enables visual inspection when closed
  • Protective rubber grommets on cable entry points


High-Density Panels

  • RMF panels accept up to 6 adapter plates/pre-terminated cassettes
  • Optional removable rear cable management bars or trays
  • High-density panels compatible with all Signamax fiber modules
  • Panels available in 24-port (1-RMS) and 48-port (2-RMS) sizes
  • 48-port density in 1 RMS (SC – 48 fibers, LC – 96 fibers total)
  • Removable rear cable management bar
  • Mounting standard: EIA/ECA-310-E 19 inches



RMF6-B (Loaded SC)

Pre-Terminated High-Density Panels & Cassettes

  • Convenient approach to quick deployment of fiber cabling projects
  • Termination density: 24 to 48 ports (24 to 96 fibers) per 1-RMS
  • Quick and easy insertion and removal of fiber cassettes
  • Available with SC or LC in OM1 to OM4 and singlemode fiber types
  • Pre-terminated cassettes with MPO or 12-fiber ISP distribution cable
  • 100% factory-tested for insertion and return loss
  • Transmission performance meets or exceeds TIA-568-C.3 specifications



Optical Fiber Patch Cords

  • Transmision performance meets or exceeds TIA-568-C.3 specifications
  • 100% factory-tested for insertion and return loss
  • Cordage is color-coded per ANSI/TIA-598-C
  • Cable diameters: 1.8 to 3 mm
  • Cords are available in OM1 to OM4 and singlemode fiber types
  • Connector bodies color-coded per ANSI/TIA-568-C.3
  • Positions A and B are designated using marking clips, color rings or boots