Network Solutions

A Foundation For Success

Build a complete end-to-end networking solution through a single vendor that are commercial and industrial grade, ranging from media converters to powerful 10 Gigabit switches. Signamax offers a wide range of high-performance and cost-effective product options including components that support Power over Ethernet (PoE) installations and more.

Signamax Network Solutions provides:

  • High performance-to-price ratio that maximizes ROI
  • Pre-sale network design help, so you can choose the optimal solution
  • TAA compliance for government installations
  • Economical solutions for expanding LANs to multiple sites
  • Advanced options for networking security components
  • Cost-effective ways to extend enterprise-level networks
  • Post-sale support from an experienced US-based technical staff
  • Warranties that provide peace of mind

Our Network Solutions products are used by a wide variety of customers including enterprise, government, education, retail, industrial, security, and service providers. Critical networks run on solutions that consistently produce results and meet or exceed the expectations of the application as well as the customer. By building strong foundations with customers, along with, understanding the challenges they face, Signamax develops products and features that exceed customer expectations – Keeping Your World Connected.

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Media Converters

Signamax media converters support data, voice, video and image transport over a wide variety of transmission media. These products convert an extensive assortment of data – from serial RS-232 through Standard, Fast, and Gigabit Ethernet protocols. Conversions from twisted-pair copper cable, multimode fiber, and singlemode fiber to many other types of cable are all possible with the comprehensive array of solutions from Signamax.
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Ethernet Switches

Signamax provides Ethernet Switches to support installations from enterprise businesses to small offices. Our solutions deliver Power over Ethernet, cost-effective network speed, plug & play convenience, and network control capabilities through complete and comprehensive management options. Solve an extensive array of applications with standard, fast, and gigabit Ethernet options while powering devices over low-voltage cable, reducing labor costs and attain a rapid ROI.
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Ethernet and POE extenders

Signamax E-300 Series Ethernet and POE extenders provide businesses a comprehensive solution to connect IP cameras, Wireless Access Points, Computers or entire buildings using a variety of legacy and new cables over long distances. Staying connected even when it’s out of reach, just got easier.
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SFP Modules

Signamax Network Solutions SFP (Small Formfactor Pluggable) interface modules are a flexible and affordable means to extend Gigabit Ethernet over multimode or singlemode fiber. They are usable in Ethernet switches and media converters equipped with SFP receptacles, and can also be used to support SONET/SDH transport. The high reliability and excellent quality of these devices complements the Signamax Ethernet switch and media conversion products, and they also provide a cost-effective alternative for expensive OEM fiber interfaces in a variety of high-speed fiber applications.
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Industrial Media Converters & Ethernet Switches

Signamax Industrial Media Converters & Ethernet Switches offer flexibility, reliability, and advanced technology, such as Power over Ethernet, that allows high-capacity network support. Signamax provides a cost-effective answer for both media conversion and Ethernet switching needs for outdoor environments, transportation roadside systems, shop floors, and other harsh environments where consistent operation at temperature extremes is necessary.
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