Connectivity Solutions

Infrastructure You Can Count On

Establish a cabling infrastructure engineered to accommodate information systems that offers the flexibility, scalability, and universality for all types of implementation. Signamax has the advanced manufacturing capabilities, rigorous testing, and stringent standards to ensure your connectivity solution will stand up to the challenge.

optic, designed to work together as a system.From Category 6A, to 5e, to fiber optics, work area outlets, patch panels, cross-connect systems and much more, Signamax equips you with high-quality, high-performance solutions for information transport networks such as FLS systems, industrial control systems, cabling systems of single-user and multi-user buildings.

  • High performance-to-price ratio that maximizes ROI
  • Pre-sale network design help, so you can choose the optimal solution
  • A continuously evolving line of products to meet emerging needs
  • TAA compliance for government installations
  • BICSI accredited training
  • Certification programs that ensure a quality installation
  • Post-sale support from an experienced US-based technical staff
  • Post-sale support from an experienced US-based technical staff

Effectively adapt to the evolving future in a faster way, whether you are supporting a large enterprise, data center, or a small business infrastructure, Signamax offers the system solutions your organization requires. Browse our systems in the links below for more detailed information on how we are – Keeping Your World Connected.

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Work Area

Signamax Work Area outlets can be configured for virtually any combination of services required at the users’ workstation–including voice, data, LAN, video, audio and printer connections.
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Patch Cords & Cable Assemblies

SIGNAMAX patch panels are offered in configurations for voice, data, audio, and video distribution cabling applications for ANSI/TIA categories 5e, 6, and 6A. We provide users with advanced product designs and features for effective horizontal cabling.
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Patch Panels and Cross-Connect

Signamax high-performance category 6A, 6 and 5e equipment cables and Patch Panels & Cross -connect cords are offered for network and terminal equipment, and for cross-connect applications. These cable are used for connecting active equipment to the cabling in the telecommunications spaces and at work areas and for patching between the termination fields in cross-connects.
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Optical Fiber

SIGNAMAX Optical Fiber Solutions brings advance fiber optic connectors, adapters, customizable enclosures and accessories to the vastly diverse high speed data transmission applications. Whether you are upgrading or implementing a new network, SIGNAMAX delivers systems accommodating multiple terminations, preterminated short-cuts, and innovative technology to meet today’s demands while adapting for future expansions.
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SIGNAMAX Industrial Solutions are designed for the hardened environments in the modern industrial processes leading to increased productivity, improved service, and reduced operating costs in a flexible working environment.
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Support Infrastructure

Signamax Support infrastructure are designed for optimum equipment location, configuration and cable management in the wiring room.
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