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We are laser focused on Small-to-Midsized Security Integrators Community to give you the “white glove” treatment you deserve, to profitably grow your business.

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AV Integrators

We have the best price and availability to deploy “just in time” AV Infrastructure Kits with cable and active gear to simplify and speed up your deployments.

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At Signamax we deliver end-to-end fiber and copper solutions and networking gear to help expand your OWN revenue streams with additional product lines and services. Signamax is your partner.
And we will NEVER sell direct.

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Signamax is your gateway to cutting-edge solutions that redefine the standards of performance, reliability, and innovation. As we embark on a journey to connect the globe, we're inviting distributors to join us in shaping the future of communication technology.

“I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you and I am grateful for y’all!

The Signamax team is always on point! Y’all go above and beyond expectations.

I have been a “customer service” person in the rep industry for 28 years and y’all are by far the best I have worked with.”

Karen Cornelius
Inside Sales
Superior Associates

“We chose Signamax for the ease of installation and reliability they have shown in the past. We have deployed cameras in many locations for a large municipality project using Signamax switches at each location that has allowed us to keep our switch cost down and reliability has been exceptional. We have had very few/if any issues related to switches and the support has been outstanding and prompt when needed.”

Anthony Cox
Area Manager

“ In the mission critical world we live in, Signamax can be trusted from large companies to small to deliver high quality networking and cabling demands.

Their dedication to quality and support sets them apart from their competition. All of my customers use Signamax!”

Chad Duncan
Mainstream Technologies Inc

“ Signamax and the entire team are the best quality network products and customer service I’ve used.”

Samual Singh
President Network Service
Data Solutions, Inc

“ Signamax has had a solid reputation for high quality products at reasonable prices. The customer service team is first in class.

They are my go-to solution for connectivity and
networking needs.”

Andrew Rodriguez
Solara Communications