Tools & Accessories

SIGNAMAX offers a robust product offering of copper and fiber optics tools for rapid deployments, field terminations and maintain a clean environment. From light sources and fault locaters to mechanical cleavers and even loopback modules for testing the active fiber optics on a switch, the tools are here to fit your needs.


Optical Fiber Termination Tool Kit
High-Precision Optical Fiber Cleavers
Optical Fiber Thermal Buffer Stripper
Optical Fiber Visual Fault Locator (Pocket-Pen Style)
Optical Fiber Visual Fault Locator (Field Heavy-Duty)
LC-Style Optical Fiber Connector Extraction Tool
Optical Fiber Fusion Splice Sleeves
Optical Fiber Loopback Modules


MT- & EC-Series Four-Pair Termination Tool
110 and 66 Termination Tools
Keystone Jack Termination Fixture


Zero-U Identification Panel