18- to 72-Fiber Premium Rack-Mount Optical Fiber Enclosure


  UFE3HD1-B (Loaded)



Optical fiber enclosures provide cross- and interconnections in IT cabling systems between optical fiber distribution cables, connecting hardware and active equipment, and for mechanical protection of such connections. UFE3HD1-B rack-mount optical fiber enclosure termination density ranges between 8 and 72 fiber connections depending on the number of adapter plates installed, and optical fiber connectors used.

Modular design of Signamax optical fiber adapter plates allows creating flexible connection patterns based on 6-, 8-, 12-, 16- and 24-fiber ST, FC, SC, LC, and MT-RJ adapter plates, which can be arranged in 1- to 3-plate groups in any available connector combination. Adapter plates mount easily by means of plunger locks (“pushpins”). All enclosures feature front and rear access hinged panels and sliding-out support stages. The transparent plastic front panel enables visual inspection of the enclosure contents when closed. Internal cable anchor points and fiber slack management mechanisms ensure reliable cable fixing, safe cable/fiber tension and bend radii. Cable entry points are equipped with rubber grommets preventing dust penetration when the entry point is not used, and protecting optical fiber cable from kinks that sharp edges of the enclosure case may cause.

Sixteen-gage steel case and high-impact black epoxy-powder anti-corrosive paint provide excellent protection of optical fiber connections. Optional optical fiber splice trays/cassettes are available when passive uniform interconnection or transfer from buffered to jacketed fibers are required. Enclosures are supplied with a complete set of fastening elements and installation guidelines. Adapter plates and splice trays are ordered separately.



  • Termination density – 18 to 72 optical fibers
  • Adapter plates mount easily by means of plunger locks
  • Rack mount space – 1 RMS
  • Modular adapter plates
  • Up to 3 adapter plates per enclosure
  • Front and rear access hinged panels
  • Transparent plastic front panel
  • Sliding-out support stages
  • Fiber slack management mechanisms
  • Internal cable anchor points
  • Rubber grommets on cable entry points
  • Steel case
  • Optional optical fiber splice trays/cassettes
  • High-impact black epoxy-powder anticorrosive paint




Die steel, 16 gauge
High-impact black epoxy-powder anticorrosive paint
Clear plastic hinged front cover


Height 44.45 mm (1.75 in)
Width 482.6 mm (19 in)
Depth 406.4 mm (16 in)


5-year limited component warranty
10-year Signamax Link/Channel Warranty
15-year Signamax Extended Component Warranty
25-year Signamax Cabling System Warranty



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UFE3HD1-B18- to 72-Fiber Enclosure with Locking Slide-Out Support Stage Accepts 3 Adapter Plates