Cabinets & Racks

Signamax Cabinets & Racks are designed for optimum equipment location, configuration and airflow in the data center. Signamax helps maximize the footprint of your critical IT infrastructure with CPL Racks, Server, Network or Purpose Built cabinets to fit every need in the data center. From Central Patching locations for fully structured, 3-tier network director class switch environment to 52U deep server cabinets with airflow or air damns and even our AIRMAX cabinets for self-cooling decentralized infrastructure in a Cabinet for a proximity site. Signamax has an adaptable cabinet with cable management solutions to fit your needs and solve specific equipment storage challenges across the enterprise, in the data center and on the EDGE.

Relay Racks

Relay Racks

Network Cabinets

N-Series Aluminum Network Cabinets N-Series Steel Network Cabinets

Server Cabinets

S-Series Aluminum Server Cabinets S-Series Steel Server Cabinets

Universal Cabinets

U-Series Universal Cabinets



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