Cabinet Accessories

As the density of both fiber optic and copper cables increase, so does the needs to effectively route and properly manage these cables. Signamax offers a plethora of Horizontal, Vertical and Out of Rack (see Zero-U Solutions) cable management solutions with EIA standard-spaced holes. Signamax helps provide the adequate front side patch management and rear cable strain relief to manage the performance of your cables and optimize air flow.


Vertical Cable Management

Modular Vertical Cable Manager
One Sided Finger Duct Vertical Cable Managers
Vertical Cable Management for Equipment Racks

Vertical Cable Management Channels
COMING SOON Vertical Cable Management Lashing Brackets


Horizontal Cable Management

Finger Duct Horizontal Cable Management
Hinged Cover Horizontal Cable Manager
COMING SOON Chassis Rail & Clamps Manager System
1U Horizontal Cable Manager with Plastic or Metal Hooks


Panels & Shelving

Blanking Panels
Cable Entry Panels
Rack-Mount Shelves


Cooling Units

COMING Q4 Low Noise Fans
COMING Q4 Vent/Fan Panel 
COMING Q3 90mm Plinth


Cabinet Kits

COMING SOON Ceiling Stabilization Kits
COMING SOON Floor Stabilization Kits
COMING SOON Adjustable Raised Floor Module

COMING SOON Cabinet Baying Kits 
COMING SOON Cabinet Separator Kits

Anti-Swing Kits